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The OSHC Professional Standards 'Supporting Information' tab includes a sample process to enage with the standards.


You will have your own preferred way of managing this process, influenced by the nature of your workplace and the people involved. You may undertake the process only in a one-on-one situation with each educator, or you may incorporate some group discussion and facilitation of training or opportunities to develop knowledge and skill, perhaps in staff meetings, or small group meetings, depending on who is involved, and their varying levels of knowledge and practice and engagement.

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What are the recommended steps in the process    to engage with the OSHC Professional Standards for educators?

Engagement with the Standards supports services to demonstrate the ways in which educators are reflecting on their practice and using the focus in the Standards to guide practice, interactions and relationships. 

Furthermore, authentic engagement with the Standards will support service's to demonstrate aspects of the exceeding themes including:

Meaningful engagement

Critical reflection

Embedded practice

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How does the OSHC Professional Standards for educators support a service to meet National Quality Standard concept 4.2.2?
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How are the Professional Standard resources accessed and organised on the website?

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There are many concepts within the National Quality Standard (NQS) that engagement with the OSHC Professional Standards for educators can contribute to.  These include (but are not limited to):

1.1.1 Approved Learning Framework (PS 2 Focus 2.1 & 2.5)

1.1.2 Child Centred (PS 2 Focus 2.2 & PS 4 Focus 4.1)

1.1.3 Program learning opportunities (PS 3 Focus 3.2)

1.2.1 Intentional teaching (PS 3 Focus 3.3 & PS 5 Focus 5.3)

1.2.2 Responsive teaching and scaffolding (PS 3 Focus 3.3)

1.2.3 Child directed learning (PS 3 Focus 3.1 & PS 4 Focus 4.1)

1.3.1 Assessment and planning cycle (PS 2 Focus 2.3, PS 3 Focus 3.6 & PS 5)

1.3.2 Critical reflection (PS 5)

1.3.3 Information for families (PS 3 .5 & 7)

2.2.1 Supervision (PS 4 Focus 4.4)

7.1.3 Roles and responsibilities (PS 1-7)

7.2.1 Continuous improvement (PS 6)


7.2.2 Educational leadership (PS 7)

7.2.3 Development of professionals (PS 6 & 7)

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Click on the ‘Helpful Resources’ tab. Here you will see three pages of resources divided into a total of  7 sections. There is a column of resources specifically relevant to each Professional Standard 1-7. Each column has a link at the bottom which takes you to additional resources.  Each Standard has several focus within it and the resources are further divided into each focus area, enabling you to find what you need as easily as possible.


Some of the links take you directly to documents including workbooks, manuals, legislation and policy information, single-sided fact sheets, and articles of various lengths.


Other links take you to webpages which may include a listed document as well as access to additional documents, resources and further reading.


The remaining links provide access to videos including YouTube videos, TED talks and others, and range in length from a couple of minutes to over an hour.

How does the OSHC Professional Standards for educators support a service to meet other concepts within the National Quality Standard?
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